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We’re Going to Disney World!


After a week of layoffs at my company and my insurance company not even bothering to look at my wrecked car for 4 days (I was told 2 business days max), Michael and I said “eff it” and went to Disney World.  It was either that, or me sitting at home worried about my car, my company, and whatever other nonsense came my way.

panWe found a great hotel, Hilton Bonnet Creek, that was pretty much on Disney property, booked a room and left after work on Friday.  We checked in to the hotel at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday (something I haven’t done in years), and were at the Magic Kingdom by 10:00 a.m.  God bless Walt Disney World, a (relatively) short drive, and annual passes!

meetupI didn’t realize it when we decided to go, but some of our best friends were also at Disney World that weekend so we were able to meet up with them in the afternoon (they’re on Myer’s time so they got a late start).  Combine the McB’s (Michael and Me) zest for Disney, with the Myer’s new son, child swap, Fastpass+, and Ohana, and we did everything we wanted to do that day.  In fact, it was the perfect Disney Day – despite the fact that I had to go to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

On Sunday, we went to EPCOT Food and Wine Festival (after Spaceship Earth, the Seed Ride, and Test Track of course) and had a delightful day.  I took a couple of pictures of F&W but I think we’re going to do a whole thing next year for the blog.  If you haven’t been, you should go.

escargotAvoid weekends and you’ll be just fine.  Try the bacon wrapped scallops, the pork sliders (Hawaii), the escargot (France), the potato and leek waffles, and the School Bread (Norway) and you won’t be disappointed.  I’m really excited about doing it for reals next year so there will be much more to report.

Disney's OVER.  Harumph
Disney’s OVER. Harumph

We finished at the World Showcase at about 1:30 and said, “eff it.  Let’s go home.”  It was a perfect end to a crappy week.

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