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Corona Margaritas



This quick and easy margarita recipe is the perfect companion to a lazy day by the pool. It only requires 4 ingredients, is easily doubled, and doesn’t need to be blended. I mix up a batch of these tasty boat drinks whenever we want to pretend we’re at the beach and so should you!

This recipe comes to us by way of Lisa’s dad. The story goes that one night he was at a party, tasted this not-so-frozen concoction and immediately called Lisa to give her the recipe before he sailed away and forgot how to make them. I am glad he did because now we are always just a pitcher away from Margaritaville.

The RecipeRecipe
Corona Margaritas
Recipe type: Drinks
  • 12 oz Frozen Limeaid
  • 12 oz Tequila
  • 12 oz Sprite Zero
  • 12 oz Beer (Corona or Landshark)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir until the limeaid melts.
Tips and TricksTips and Tricks

If you don’t want to pull out the measuring cup, the Limeaid comes in a 12 oz can. Knowing that, the recipe is a can of limeade, a can of tequila, a can of Sprite Zero and a bottle of Corona. Easy!

Feed the FreezerFeed the Freezer

Do you want frozen margaritas? Blend this recipe with ice for a frozen treat!

Fun FactsFun Facts

When looking for Tequila, make sure you get 100% agave tequila. Sorry Jose, but there are better tequilas out there for the same price.

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