Welcome to Jason’s Cooking!

Jason is the Chief Cooking Officer and Michael is the President of Tastiness at Jason’s Cooking.  Our intent for this site is to give you great ideas and recipes for the days that you feel like cooking and to help you feed your freezer for the days you don’t.

Jason & Michael at Disney World!

Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) and Once a Week Cooking (OAWC) are great for stocking your freezer but they require a lot of time and energy and organization and planning.  These methods of cooking require you to plan, prep, cook or par-cook, package, and freeze a lot of meals at once so that they’re ready for you when you’re ready for them.  I love to cook but 30 days of meals at once can be quite overwhelming – also I have no idea what I might want to eat 4 Thursdays from now.

Jason’s Cooking is closer to batch cooking than Once a Month/Week Cooking.  Batch cooking means making a bit extra when you cook your normal dinner and freezing the overage so that it’s ready for you when you don’t feel like cooking.  This is my preferred method of cooking because we still cook when we want to but we have stuff on hand when we don’t.

Most of the stuff on the site has freezer tips and everything on this site was cooked in our kitchen and photographed in our dining room.  We made it, so you can too.  Grab your pots, pans, and parchment and let’s feed the family and feed the freezer!

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